Orchards At Sunset
Oct 12 2019

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FavPosRace NoNameNameTimeTimeCat Pos
(Gen Pos)
CategoryCat PosGenderGen PosStartFinish
1468Lucy WebbLucy Webb
#1468 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale00:00:4500:16:42
1476Arya CavendishArya Cavendish
#1476 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale
1477Augusta DanzigerAugusta Danziger
#1477 Male All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesMale00:00:4200:17:43
1478Hazel DanzigerHazel Danziger
#1478 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale00:00:4200:09:33
1479Minna DanzigerMinna Danziger
#1479 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale00:00:4200:10:37
1480Joseph HermanJoseph Herman
#1480 Male All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesMale
1481Lily HermanLily Herman
#1481 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale
1482Melanie HermanMelanie Herman
#1482 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale
1483Melissa HurdMelissa Hurd
#1483 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale00:00:4400:12:42
1484Nathan HurdNathan Hurd
#1484 Male All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesMale00:00:4400:12:41
1485Sarah HurdSarah Hurd
#1485 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale00:00:4400:12:35
1486Abraham JacksonAbraham Jackson
#1486 Male All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesMale00:00:4000:11:13
1487Genevieve MartinsonGenevieve Martinson
#1487 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale
1488Athena MorseAthena Morse
#1488 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale01:09:15
1489Paris MorseParis Morse
#1489 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale
1490Owen SchmukerOwen Schmuker
#1490 Male All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesMale00:00:4600:16:19
1491Violet SparlingViolet Sparling
#1491 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale00:00:4200:09:14
1500Abby SchmukerAbby Schmuker
#1500 Female All Ages
DNSDNSAll AgesFemale00:00:4800:15:14
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