Bike Benzie: Fondo, Tour, Yes We Can Ride
Jun 3 2017


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FavPosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosTeamTeam ResultTeam PosPos In TeamPaceStart Time
1117Cody Sovis4:51:27All Ages1Male1Kolo tc4:51:2811 21.0 m/hr08:00:40
2116Wes Sovis4:51:27All Ages2Male2Kolo tc4:51:2812 21.0 m/hr08:00:40
3111Dan Ellis4:51:28All Ages3Male3Kolo tc4:51:2813 21.0 m/hr08:00:40
4114Gary Moad6:13:51All Ages4Male4Lake County Cycling Collective1 16.4 m/hr08:00:40
5107Ilario Alvino6:19:32All Ages5Male5 16.1 m/hr08:00:40
6112Jane Icenogle6:19:34All Ages6Female1 16.1 m/hr08:00:40
7109Ed Busman6:34:26All Ages7Male6 15.5 m/hr08:00:40
8191Rebecca Busman6:34:54All Ages8Female2 15.5 m/hr08:00:40
110Theodore CornellNot startedAll AgesMale m/hr08:00:40
113Brian MarquisDNFAll AgesMale m/hr08:00:40
Page 1 of 1 (10 items)