Smith Rock Road
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May 13 2018
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Pos *
Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1183Marshall Bailey42:49Overall1Male16:54 min/m
2210Seth Reno44:00Overall2Male27:05 min/m
3100Hans Almekinders45:58Overall3Male37:24 min/m
4174Stephanie Spiak46:50Overall1Female17:33 min/m
5403Scott Smith47:0150 - 541Male47:35 min/m
6121Brady Cowing48:4640 - 441Male57:52 min/m
7211Darryl Michaud48:5130 - 341Male67:52 min/m
87Mark Sather49:0545 - 491Male77:55 min/m
9192Jenny Hapgood49:27Overall2Female27:58 min/m
10191Micah Lebank50:2735 - 391Male88:08 min/m
11198Stephanie Socotch50:32Overall3Female38:09 min/m
12141Katherine Lew50:3935 - 391Female48:10 min/m
13152Matthew Parkinson51:2345 - 492Male98:17 min/m
14186Julie Tinney51:2745 - 491Female58:18 min/m
15107Jenna Bailey51:4435 - 392Female68:20 min/m
16190Carol Fackler53:2955 - 591Female78:37 min/m
17138Kosta Lecos53:4520 - 241Male108:40 min/m
18176Alysia Strickland53:4930 - 341Female88:40 min/m
19154Wiebke Poerschke53:5735 - 393Female98:42 min/m
20184Cari Arnot53:5945 - 492Female108:42 min/m
21196Lindsey Edington55:0540 - 441Female118:53 min/m
22128Paul Hamley56:0855 - 591Male119:03 min/m
23213Bethany Durre56:2025 - 291Female129:05 min/m
24214Kylie Durre56:2020 - 241Female139:05 min/m
25200Walter Jones56:3640 - 442Male129:07 min/m
26162Lindsey Rossman58:3925 - 292Female149:27 min/m
27142Pam Lindquist59:2860 - 641Female159:35 min/m
28188Audrey Roberson59:3425 - 293Female169:36 min/m
29412Kelly Vessey59:4835 - 394Female179:38 min/m
30161Alex Rossman59:5925 - 291Male139:40 min/m
31103Althea Arnold1:00:0220 - 242Female189:41 min/m
32150Kristine Nguyen1:00:0225 - 294Female199:41 min/m
33384Leslie Perry1:00:0640 - 442Female209:41 min/m
34185Valerie Egan1:01:2735 - 395Female219:54 min/m
35117Nicole Chaffin1:02:3745 - 493Female2210:06 min/m
36116Kyle Chaffin1:02:3750 - 542Male1410:06 min/m
37144Liz Martin1:02:4635 - 396Female2310:07 min/m
38113Bethany Burr1:03:3030 - 342Female2410:14 min/m
39139Brittania Leja1:03:4825 - 295Female2510:17 min/m
40346Leah Fisher1:04:41 Female2610:26 min/m
41136Jenna Kay1:04:4535 - 397Female2710:26 min/m
42108Erin Baumgartner1:05:0040 - 443Female2810:29 min/m
43167Dave Schmidlin1:05:2170 - Up1Male1510:32 min/m
44379Jessica Mumm1:05:4525 - 296Female2910:36 min/m
45187Tammy Skovborg1:05:5145 - 494Female3010:37 min/m
46135Cami Kay1:05:5745 - 495Female3110:38 min/m
47180Alicia Wenzel1:06:4045 - 496Female3210:45 min/m
48212Andrew Rossi1:08:5819 - U1Male1611:07 min/m
49408Kate Torcom1:09:1125 - 297Female3311:09 min/m
50202Kerry Truell1:09:1235 - 398Female3411:09 min/m
Page 1 of 3 (102 items)