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Dec 1 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Team Pos
Pos in Team
145Jorden Wakeley00:16:49Overall1Male1   5:25 min/m
2249Kevin Smith00:17:5935-391Male2Shivering Sheep225:48 min/m
3170Kyle Kiel00:18:1235-392Male3TCTC Racing Team185:52 min/m
4323Ryan Linden00:18:1835-393Male4   5:54 min/m
588Trevor Darnell00:18:26Masters1Male5TCTC Racing Team125:56 min/m
6216Erik Potere00:18:3025-291Male6Tight Butts and Frozen Nuts335:58 min/m
7260Jeb Stone00:18:3840-441Male7   6:00 min/m
8210Benjamin Pankow00:18:4130-341Male8Tight Butts and Frozen Nuts326:01 min/m
9259Isaac Stone00:18:4715 - 181Male9   6:03 min/m
10240Rob Slate00:18:5830-342Male10Tight Butts and Frozen Nuts346:07 min/m
11114Julia Flynn00:19:10Overall1Female1   6:11 min/m
1223Jeff Koch00:19:1445-491Male11   6:12 min/m
13290Chad Zitzelsberger00:19:2235-394Male12Tight Butts and Frozen Nuts376:15 min/m
14254Chris Stark00:19:2335-395Male13TCTC Racing Team1146:15 min/m
15183Jake Lathrop00:19:2515 - 182Male14   6:15 min/m
1692Kevin Deyo00:19:39Super Masters1Male15   6:20 min/m
1735Ty Schmidt00:19:4740-442Male16Norte 16:22 min/m
1863Jacob Book00:19:5215 - 183Male17Shivering Sheep266:24 min/m
19292Troy Zitzelsberger00:19:5630-343Male18Tight Butts and Frozen Nuts356:26 min/m
206John Burmeister00:19:5930-344Male19   6:27 min/m
21310Keegan Myers00:20:0235-396Male20   6:27 min/m
22246Cambrie Smith00:20:0915 - 181Female2Shivering Sheep216:30 min/m
2338Dave Sunset Scott00:20:1545-492Male21   6:32 min/m
24276Luke Venhuizen00:20:2011 - 141Male22   6:33 min/m
25122Anders Gillis00:20:3430-345Male23   6:38 min/m
2644Todd Vigland00:20:3745-493Male24   6:39 min/m
271Ben Boyce00:20:4135-397Male25Norte 26:40 min/m
28233Roger Send00:20:4250-541Male26   6:40 min/m
29168Josh Kerr00:20:4811 - 142Male27St. Francis Gladiators626:42 min/m
30224Sophia Rhein00:20:4911 - 141Female3St. Francis Gladiators616:43 min/m
3195George Drown00:20:5235-398Male28Tight Butts and Frozen Nuts396:43 min/m
32156Jeff Houser00:21:0030-346Male29TCTC Racing Team1176:46 min/m
33193Kristy Mcbride00:21:0530-341Female4Bridge Street 6 Pack126:48 min/m
34153Mike Hintz00:21:0550-542Male30   6:48 min/m
3568Douglas Brown00:21:0745-494Male31Galloping Vulgarians726:48 min/m
36232Steve Seager00:21:1160-641Male32   6:50 min/m
37196Eric Mclean00:21:2940-443Male33   6:55 min/m
38273Al Vanderklipp00:21:3225-292Male34   6:57 min/m
39234Andrew Shafley00:21:3615 - 184Male35   6:58 min/m
40132Rachel Griffen00:21:3730-342Female5   6:58 min/m
41182James Larson00:21:3750-543Male36Galloping Vulgarians716:58 min/m
4249Jon Adams00:21:5035-399Male37   7:02 min/m
4350Michael Adams00:21:5040-444Male38Adams Racing 17:02 min/m
4417Steven Jablonski00:21:5945-495Male39   7:05 min/m
4527Richard Nicholas00:22:0245-496Male40TCTC Racing Team1157:06 min/m
46268Jeremy Treadwell00:22:1155-591Male41TCTC Racing Team167:09 min/m
47130Jami Grant00:22:1835-391Female6TCTC Racing Team137:11 min/m
4876Jerry Canze00:22:2050-544Male42Tight Butts and Frozen Nuts367:12 min/m
49121Amanda Gillis00:22:2130-343Female7   7:12 min/m
50164Claire Karner00:22:2930-344Female8   7:15 min/m
Page 1 of 7 (328 items)

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