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Oct 13 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gender *
Gen Pos
301Andrea BeehlerNot startedNot started41 - 50Female Michigan 
303Lilli BeehlerNot startedNot started17 - 20Female Michigan 
305Chris BergNot startedNot started51 - UpFemale Michigan 
42306Katlyn Blake00:41:2600:41:2321 - 308Female27KingsleyMichigan13:22 min/m
29307Michelle Blake00:36:2300:36:2031 - 404Female19KingsleyMichigan11:44 min/m
309Gwen BoncherNot startedNot started12 & UFemale Michigan 
74310Isabel Boncher01:04:5601:04:5613 - 161Female49 Michigan20:56 min/m
61311Amy Brady00:48:0700:47:5641 - 506Female40WilliamsburgMichigan15:31 min/m
37312Kate Brayman00:39:4100:39:3421 - 306Female23Traverse CityMichigan12:48 min/m
314Grace BreithauptNot startedNot started17 - 20Female Michigan 
41315Kyra Buckley00:41:0600:40:0017 - 201Female26BuckleyMichigan13:15 min/m
30316Danielle Casey00:36:2600:36:0121 - 305Female20Traverse CityMichigan11:45 min/m
53319Katie Casey00:45:1300:44:5051 - Up8Female36Traverse CityMichigan14:35 min/m
19320Meggan Centala00:30:4600:30:4221 - 303Female12Elk RapidsMichigan9:55 min/m
52322Monique Day00:45:0200:44:5517 - 203Female35Traverse CityMichigan14:31 min/m
39323Jennie Ewert00:40:5500:40:2051 - Up5Female25BeavertonMichigan13:11 min/m
325Lori FindleyNot startedNot started41 - 50Female Michigan 
51327Nancy Fitzgerald00:43:5900:43:1451 - Up7Female34 Michigan14:11 min/m
56329Valerie Foster00:47:0000:46:4851 - Up9Female37GreenvilleNorth Carolina15:09 min/m
330Diane FowlerNot startedNot started51 - UpFemale Michigan 
331Peggy FriessNot startedNot started51 - UpFemale Michigan 
332Michelle GallagherNot startedNot started41 - 50FemaleTraverse CityMichigan 
333Rachel GeatreauNot startedNot started41 - 50Female Michigan 
12337Holl Grace00:26:2400:26:1712 & U3Female7 Michigan8:31 min/m
43338Hunter Hayden00:41:3700:40:5817 - 202Female28 Michigan13:25 min/m
44339Malinda Hayden00:41:3900:40:5741 - 503Female29 Michigan13:26 min/m
342Lisa HoffmanNot startedNot started41 - 50Female Michigan 
344Kathryn HollNot startedNot started51 - UpFemaleTraverse CityMichigan 
68346Heather Janis00:50:4200:50:2331 - 406Female45 Michigan16:21 min/m
49352Norah Jensen00:42:3600:40:4712 & U9Female33 Michigan13:44 min/m
38353Riley Jensen00:39:4100:39:3421 - 307Female24RockfordMichigan12:48 min/m
73354Shannon Jensen00:57:4500:57:4531 - 407Female48 Michigan18:38 min/m
63360Michelle Kalchik00:49:0300:48:5031 - 405Female42KewadinMichigan15:49 min/m
361Danna KlumbNot startedNot started41 - 50Female Michigan 
362Heather MccolleyNot startedNot started41 - 50Female Michigan 
23364Jessica Merrild00:31:4200:31:3741 - 502Female14AlbionMichigan10:13 min/m
365Lorenny MollerNot startedNot started21 - 30Female Michigan 
366Stacy MollerNot startedNot started41 - 50Female Michigan 
62358Jennifer Kalchik00:49:0200:48:5112 & U10Female41 Michigan15:49 min/m
8368Cathleen Muncey00:25:5300:25:5231 - 402Female5Traverse CityMichigan8:21 min/m
28370Deanne Musser00:34:1900:34:1251 - Up2Female18Traverse CityMichigan11:04 min/m
9371Isabelle North00:26:0500:25:5521 - 301Female6KingsleyMichigan8:24 min/m
372Dawn RauchNot startedNot started41 - 50Female Michigan 
25377Heather Roggen00:33:1200:33:0831 - 403Female16Traverse CityMichigan10:42 min/m
18378Ella S00:30:2700:30:2012 & U5Female11 Michigan9:49 min/m
26379Anna Sapp00:34:0800:34:0512 & U6Female17Grand RapidsMichigan11:00 min/m
45380Bryn Sapp00:42:0700:42:0312 & U7Female30Grand RapidsMichigan13:35 min/m
71374Maria Reffitt00:52:4900:50:4921 - 3011Female47 Michigan17:02 min/m
375Mary RobinsonNot startedNot started31 - 40Female Michigan 
382Tricia SchneiderNot startedNot started51 - UpFemale Michigan 
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