Traverse City Trails Festival
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Jul 21 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
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Gen Pos
Age on 12/31
55112Lauri Brockmiller03:04:58Elite Women3Female3Hagerty Cycling TeamTraverse CityMichigan4437.512.2 m/hr
41113Megan Doerr02:53:58Elite Women1Female1McLain Race TeamCanadian LakesMichigan3537.512.9 m/hr
44114Laura Webb02:56:59Elite Women2Female2Hagerty Cycling TeamTraverse CityMichigan5837.512.7 m/hr
74148Sandra Dunn03:18:03Expert Women Open4Female7Hagerty Cycling TeamTraverse CityMichigan5737.511.4 m/hr
59149Amie Elve03:07:03Expert Women Open2Female5Hagerty Cycling TeamTraverse CityMichigan3937.512.0 m/hr
68150Marilyn Kamp03:11:56Expert Women Open3Female6 Traverse CityMichigan5637.511.7 m/hr
85151Kasey Wierzba03:30:41Expert Women Open5Female11Hagerty Cycling TeamSuttons BayMichigan4037.510.7 m/hr
95190Briana Greenlee04:01:56Sport Women 30 - 391Female15Start Line NutritionLake OrionMichigan3137.5 9.3 m/hr
93191Laura Fletcher Riege03:47:26Sport Women 40 - 492Female14R2R RacingLake OrionMichigan4937.5 9.9 m/hr
81192Erin Reicha03:26:26Sport Women 40 - 491Female9ECSBASCULTTraverse CityMichigan4237.510.9 m/hr
82193Beth Collins03:26:26Sport Women 50 & Up2Female10Hagerty Cycling TeamTraverse CityMichigan6137.510.9 m/hr
80194Amelia Hasenohrl03:21:25Sport Women 50 & Up1Female8Universal RacingTraverse CityMichigan5937.511.2 m/hr
91206Darcie Pickren03:46:20Sport Women 50 & Up3Female13 Traverse City  37.5 9.9 m/hr
57175Lisa Selle03:06:14Expert Women Open1Female4 RochesterMichigan 37.512.1 m/hr
89195Abigail Sigal03:36:24Expert Women Open6Female12    37.510.4 m/hr
58196Jake Sigal03:06:15Sport Men 30 - 392Male54    37.512.1 m/hr
71158Steve Kelty03:15:08Sport Men 50 & Up7Male65    37.511.5 m/hr
30205Jake Samborski02:46:58Expert Men Open11Male30    37.513.5 m/hr
37207Eric Olshove02:51:44Expert Men Open15Male37    37.513.1 m/hr
39209Michael Loria02:52:47Expert Men Open16Male39    37.513.0 m/hr
42208Steve Schultz02:55:25Expert Men Open18Male41    37.512.8 m/hr
45210Benjamin Dixon02:57:17Expert Men Open19Male43    37.512.7 m/hr
11204Kyler Bradley02:38:09Expert Men Open3Male11    37.514.2 m/hr
94203Mark Best03:47:43Sport Men 50 & Up13Male80    37.5 9.9 m/hr
43202William Shaver02:56:55Expert Men Masters9Male42    37.512.7 m/hr
25201Jimmi McMurray02:45:00Expert Men Masters4Male25    37.513.6 m/hr
32197Lane Myers02:47:46Expert Men Open13Male32    37.513.4 m/hr
56200Dj Kenney03:05:01Sport Men 40 - 491Male53    37.512.2 m/hr
1199Tyler Weston02:31:11Elite Men1Male1    37.514.9 m/hr
60198Jason Blake03:08:03Sport Men 30 - 393Male55    37.512.0 m/hr
12101Dan Ellis02:39:47Elite Men8Male12KoloTC/Norte!WilliamsburgMichigan4337.514.1 m/hr
6102Sam Holmes02:35:13Elite Men6Male6NorteTraverse CityMichigan2537.514.5 m/hr
122Jason JohnsonDNSElite MenMaleM22Traverse CityMichigan4437.5 
2108Jeff Owens02:31:11Elite Men2Male2KeenTraverse CityMichigan4737.514.9 m/hr
104Cam OwensDNSElite MenMaleHagerty Cycling TeamTraverse CityMichigan1637.5 
13105Brad Pauly02:39:47Elite Men9Male13 Traverse CityMichigan4537.514.1 m/hr
23106Tim Pulliam02:44:32Elite Men10Male23KeenTraverse CityMichigan4437.513.7 m/hr
4107Jamison Sheppard02:34:36Elite Men4Male4KTM MIDWEST RACINGBellaireMichigan2837.514.6 m/hr
3103Cody Sovis02:32:55Elite Men3Male33T Q+MTraverse CityMichigan3037.514.7 m/hr
26109Luke Tjosvold02:46:14Elite Men11Male26Einstein RacingTraverse CityMichigan3337.513.5 m/hr
5110Bryan Warner02:34:36Elite Men5Male5City Bike ShopTraverse CityMichigan4037.514.6 m/hr
7111Josh Zelinski02:35:14Elite Men7Male7Hagerty Cycling TeamTraverse CityMichigan3937.514.5 m/hr
33152Eric Langley02:48:43SS Men2Male33Freewheeler RacingHowellMichigan4137.513.3 m/hr
24153Dan Packer02:44:35SS Men1Male24City Bike ShopWilliamsburgMichigan4037.513.7 m/hr
154Kyle SmithDNSSS MenMale Traverse CityMichigan2837.5 
48155David Tietz02:59:01SS Men3Male46 Traverse CityMichigan5637.512.6 m/hr
156Christopher ArchamboDNSSport Men 21 - 29MaleBoone's Long Lake InnLivoniaMichigan2937.5 
84157Eric Tien03:30:32Sport Men 21 - 291Male74 MidlandMichigan2537.510.7 m/hr
17159Harald Opsahl02:41:53Sport Men 30 - 391Male17 Eidsvoll 3837.513.9 m/hr
62160Joel Pierson03:08:26Sport Men 30 - 394Male57 Salt Lake CityUtah3337.511.9 m/hr
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