Drew Kostic 5K
Aug 18 2018


4th Placed Runner is Team Result.
CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
4-person team1Team Fit For You00:39:574
4-person team2Just Us League00:40:144
4-person team3GTSO Interdiction00:40:444
4-person team4Jungle Juice00:45:324
4-person team5Saturday Pancakes00:45:504
4-person team6Slow and The Furious!00:46:144
4-person team7A Running Joke00:47:194
4-person team8Christmas Carrolls00:48:164
4-person team9Team Kostic South00:49:214
4-person team10murphy 400:49:584
4-person team11The A Team00:50:054
4-person team12Dolls with Balls00:52:014
4-person team13Warthogs00:53:164
4-person team14G.T. Sleuths00:54:074
4-person team15Burfield00:57:204
4-person team16Purple Cobras00:58:564
4-person team17CHICKEN DINNER01:03:014
4-person team18Team Starr01:03:414
4-person team19Blue 2 Gold01:03:424
4-person team20Van Awesome01:04:554
4-person team21Tank Girls01:07:214
4-person team22TEAM ETNA-LYHA01:07:444
4-person team23TEAM ETNA-ADCC01:07:454
4-person team24Mudshots01:16:214
4-person team25Blue Star Mothers01:17:154
4-person team26TEAM BOCEPHUS01:21:494
4-person team27Sleeping dawgs01:23:234
4-person team28CSB Bruisers01:27:004
4-person team29CSB Bumps01:27:004
4-person team30Lorraine/Michael/Rhonda/Susan01:31:344
4-person teamBadass Babes2
4-person teamBest Buy Store 5003
4-person teamDown & Dirty4
4-person teamMartinson5
4-person teamMuddy Fudders3
4-person teamOremus3
4-person teamReining Liberty Ranch3
4-person teamSnowblitz3